Earth Mandala

Earth Mandala

Symbols used in earth mandala designs vary widely from culture to culture, ancient times to the present and artist to artist. They can be incredibly colorful and complicated or beautifully simplistic. Animals, plants and the moon are included in some designs while others are much more basic.

Earth Mandala Symbol

Earth mandala designs are often quite obvious, with an image of the earth at the center surrounded by plants and animals, but some are not as clear. Regardless of the exact patterns or symbols used, the meaning is always the same. Earth mandalas are about life. Giving life, sustaining life and the loving, nurturing, supportive energy of “Mother.”

  • The common symbol for earth is a circle within a square. The center of the circle is oval and contains two lines that cross at the middle. The lines represent the four corners or directions — north, south, east and west.
  • The Native American symbol for earth is similar. It has a solid circle at the center of a square, though, with straight lines that represent the four directions extending from the circle out to the edges of the square. It also has rounded/curling lines in each corner. The four rounded/curling lines represent four great nations living in harmony.
  • The Chinese symbol for earth doesn’t even have circles. It is a square with two vertical rows of three rectangles each. It is commonly known as a trigram that is referred to as K’uen or K’un. In Chinese culture, this symbol means Mother or Big Earth. It symbolizes passive, receptive Yin or female energy.

Earth Mandala Art and Jewelry

Earth mandala art and jewelry patterns often utilize the typical blues and greens of the actual earth, but not all of them. They can be made with every color in the rainbow, lovely purples and pinks or muted, earthy browns and tans.

Earth mandala jewelry commonly has the earth symbol on a rounded shape, either a pendant, earrings or bracelet. It can also be found in other shapes like squares, rectangles or even octagonal or heart shapes. When choosing your earth mandala jewelry, go with what speaks to you. All the different color and shape options allow you to embrace your own, personal self-expression, just like Mother Earth. There is a wide selection of earth mandala jewelry available on Etsy.

Earth mandala art is equally varied. Some examples are:

  • Lovely, Native American pieces that depict all four seasons along with the various elements found on and in the earth.
  • Moon imagery is often included in earth mandala art patterns. All the different phases may be depicted around the earth or just one image of the moon.
  • Earth mandala art can include the earth, sky and tree of life. Popular patterns often depict the tree’s roots beneath the earth and branches reaching to the sky with a sun above and moon below. All of the meaning behind the earth mandala is represented with life-sustaining elements and the tree of life.

CafePress is a great source of earth mandala art. You can get an earth mandala symbol depicted on everything from T-shirts and mugs to stickers and area rugs.

Earth Mandala

Earth Mandala Coloring

Coloring your own earth mandala design is a fun, creative and therapeutic mental exercise. It is very easy to create your own earth mandala coloring pages. With the earth’s round shape, you can easily draw a perfect round outline with a compass and pencil. After you get the basic shape down, let your imagination and colored pencils go wild. Get artistic with a tree of life, sun and moon or go with the more traditional patterns that depict the land, oceans, sky and stars.

Earth mandala coloring books and coloring pages are available online. You can buy mandala coloring books on Amazon for around $10.00. You can also find free earth mandala coloring sheets online. Just go to a website like Coloring Now and print out the coloring pages you like.

Earth Mandala Tattoos

Earth mandala tattoos are a lovely form of expressive body art. They can be as colorful as you like or a basic black and grey design. Your earth mandala symbolism and meaning will be with you always. Earth mandala tattoo patterns often include the moon and/or the tree of life.

A large, round earth mandala tattoo looks best on a large, flat body surface like your back or chest. They are easier to appreciate when you can see the entire mandala all at once. Mandala tattoos that wrap around the leg or arm don’t have quite the same visual impact. Smaller, scaled down circular mandalas look nice on your arm, leg or even the top of your foot.