The Celtic Mandala and its Meaning

Celtic Mandala

The Celtic mandala is a symbol of spiritual growth and realizing your heart’s desires, visions and divine ancestry. This type of mandala is used to focus energy and to raise your consciousness to a higher state of awareness. It is thought to assist you in clearing the mind and observing the soul as you strengthen communication with the spirit of the universe or divine energy. It allows for intuitive channeling and helps to spiritually ground you.

Are all Celtic Mandalas the Same?

No. There are many types of Celtic mandalas. All Celtic mandalas contain a central point with Celtic symbols contained inside an outer circle. Patterns are typically repeated around the circle to create an attractive design. Celtic mandalas are typically in shades of green but may contain yellow, blue, brown and red with splashes of nearly any color. Some common Celtic mandalas used for meditation include:

  • Celtic Knots: The Celtic knot symbolizes the timeless nature of spirit and speaks of birth and rebirth in both the physical and spiritual realm. When included in a mandala the Celtic knot enhances the ability to see how life decisions and actions affect those around you. It also sharpens understanding of your connection to your ancestors.
  • Celtic Spiral: The Celtic spiral represents spiritual awareness and understanding. It is also thought to enhance positive energy and your desire to share that energy with others.
  • Triquetra: This three- cornered symbol represents the holy trinity. It is believed to bring you closer to God and to help you become one with his power. New age supporters equate this symbol with the unity of the mind, body and spirit.

How are Celtic Mandalas Used?

Celtic mandalas are typically used during meditation to focus the mind and set your intentions. They are also used as decorative or artistic reminders of Celtic origins or the desire for spiritual growth. They can be framed and displayed as artwork, adapted to quilt and applique patterns, used as the base of mosaics or any other art form.

Celtic Mandala

Where Can You Find Celtic Mandalas?

There are several quality books available that contain a selection of Celtic mandala patterns to draw, color or use for meditation. You will find them in bookstores, in Celtic or Irish gift shops, and in craft stores. You may even find Celtic mandalas in children’s coloring books or storybooks. Many clothing manufacturers are also producing shirts, hats and hoodies featuring Celtic mandalas.

If you are looking for artwork or decorative items featuring Celtic mandalas, check New Age or Pagan stores as they may be found on bookmarks, key chains, posters and even on wind chimes and other garden art celebrating the glory of nature. Celtic mandalas may also be found in tapestry, on pillows and throws or etched along the border of mirrors and glass work.

Why are Celtic Mandalas so Popular?

Celtic mandalas have increased in popularity in the past few years probably do to increased interest in connecting with the ways of our ancestors and learning more about the ways of the ancients. The desire for spiritual growth and the desire to find meaning in life is also an influence. These simple designs speak to the heart and are right at home in nearly any décor. The rise in interest in adult coloring books may also contribute to the increased interest in Celtic mandalas as these designs are attractive and easy to color.